Saturday, February 7, 2015

Replacing Mother Nature : Synthetic Autarky and other male fantasies

Making clone babies in test tubes without any woman being involved is not a lot different than making silk in a test tube without Mother Nature being involved.

Investigate a tiny little bit and you soon see that Males/Men/Guys are almost always the push behind these schemes and one always wonders if their overt reasons for pursuing these aims are the actual and full truth.

For even those men most opposed to feminism never speak of Father Nature or Father Earth -- their unconscious speech betrays that they still see the fecund plentitude of the Earth's natural world being somewhat more female than male in orientation.

But a future new human colony set up on the sterile stone surface of Mars - powered totally by nucleosynthesis (fusion power) and totally fed and clothed by the products of chemical synthesis (itself powered by fusion energy) -  could run quite well without Mother Nature, maybe even without women.

Synthetic Autarky : bye bye women 

Autarky means self sufficiency -- in this case, a male self sufficiency, brought about by Man's ability to synthesis everything and anything Mother Nature can do by the manipulating of the smallest known bits of matter and energy into existing and new materials.

This vaseline and tissue powered male scientific fantasy is quite accurately ? amusingly ? known as Hard Science Fiction --- and emerged not long after Rutherford and Soddy atomically 'transformed' some elements in Montreal back in the first decade of the last century.

Like racism , it is far more hidden under post war post modernity but it has never really gone away.

Mars colonies, Fusion, Geo-engineering, Terraforming - they are all examples of grownup men putting youthful male fantasies into reality with the help of fawning male newspaper journalists and male politicians offering up lots of female taxpayers' money...

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