Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What if God was a blob like none of us, just a smear upon a subway wall...or tenement hall ?

WWII as "dirty" penicillin vs ethnic "cleansing" and racial "purity"

What if Jesus came back - during WWII - and no one even noticed ?

But no, not this time as a simple carpenter's helper, slouching into town as 'a dolt on a colt'.

Because humble as that act was, it didn't really curb human hubris for very long.

No, this time, to really rub some salt of humility into the open wound of overweening hubris, He comes back as a blob.

Just a smear on a subway wall, or tenement hall, HP Lovecraft's moldy smelly slimy smear relentlessly spreading all over your favourite pair of boots, in some dark dank closet.

Penicillin "J", only now, coming out of the closet, to offer hope in a time of horror.

Tiny hyssop, in a time of giant Cedars ...

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