Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11/11/11 : they were never hired to die (all Jesus meek-like) to set humanity free - and 95% didn't

Today being Remembrance Day, we tend to focus on the service personnel who didn't come home - lest we forget .

Anyone in a war could have been killed - and then forever after remembered as 'dying to set us free'.

Thankfully most of the time most of them don't get that honour.

After all, they were never hired to meekly die to set humanity free , as Jesus meekly accepted death.

They weren't even hired to merely suggest the hint of force, if laws are broken, as policemen generally are hired : to daily carry a gun but generally never actually use that weapon during an entire career.

The wartime soldier were hired instead explicitly to use their guns, to kill other people (and hopefully come back alive) and thus win a war.

In WWII, in Canada, for example - 95% of these 'trained killers' came back alive.

Most of the people at home, during any war, get paid wages in a real sense to grow food for k-rations for tank crews, to built their tanks and tank shells and to pump up the oil that fuel those tanks .

Comparatively few earn their living building medical kits that one day might patch up ally and enemy tank crews alike.

So the Home Front too is called upon to kill others - albeit via indirect means.

Killing - not dying - is the whole point of war.

War is War and Jesus is Jesus : so let us not try too hard to intertwine the two ....

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