Sunday, November 9, 2014

Religious to take up Liberative Technology to match Liberation Theology ?

Don't hold your breath !

Religious bodies have always tried hard to spread their faith by producing free tracts and cheap longer works.

But now taking up the moral obligation of adopting OPEN ACCESS serials and free digital downloads of e-books allow the message to go forth to the entire world --- without consuming scarce religious dollars that might be better spent helping the weakest in society meet their physical needs.

It always takes a very few religious visionaries in every generation to first see and seize the religious advantages of the latest advances in communication and transportation technology --- with the great mass of the religious workers laggardly following along much later.

So now - in the 21st century - which religious group will be the first to truly and embrace welcome the advent of digital religious material and which will be merely content to remain behind a John Wayne circle of wagons to retain their dwindling flock ?

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