Monday, April 13, 2015

Of all the Charles Aronsons in America in 1940...

Regardless of their age or residence, the 1940 American national census only shows about 38 Charles Aronsons and a half dozen spelled with close variants ---- making the task of finding history's missing Patient Zero of the Age of Antibiotics much easier.

So if mystery patient "CA"*, aged 31 in April 1944 and around 27 in late 1940, was indeed Charles Aronson as Gladys Hobby and Louise Good affirmed in the 1980s, after re-examining contemporary hospital lab records, then he was born close upon either side of 1913.

And the evidence from the medical article mentioning his various experiences at that hospital, suggests he lived quite close to Manhattan's Columbia Presbyterian hospital between late 1940 and early 1946.

That suggests only one person - Charles Aronson of Vyse Avenue , a lifelong resident of New York, most all of it in the South Bronx area two miles from the hospital, born in mid June 1912.

True ,Charles N aronson was also born in the right time period, in March 1913, but in 1940 he was in the car centre of the world in Pontiac City Michigan.

Charles N Aronson's children told me he was healthy as a horse all his long life and that in late 1944 he was not in a home for chronic care with a paralyzing stroke as stated in the medical article on "CA" but rather was up and about busy inventing and patenting various bits of car parts.

A few other Charles Aronsons were born in years like 1906 or 1917 but were living in states hundreds of miles from NYC in 1940.

Hopefully in a few weeks or months, theNational Archives will be able to provide the draft registration card of CA - showing his ++++BRONX++++ home address......

* First that is together with Aaron Leroy Alston - both injected with penicillin, one right after the other on October 16th 1940 by Dr Martin Henry Dawson

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