Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The three verities of Modernity : the separate simple solidities of the Man's Will, Nature and the Atom

The pre WWI Freud put paid to the first verity pretty quickly - suggesting that inside an individual's solid and stable 'will' was actually a seething sea of competing components - not all 'visible' to that individual's ken.

The 1920s-1930s fundamental physicists did the same for the verity of the solid and stable atom, with sub atomic science quickly being revealed as only slightly less complicated that the science of the human mind.

But I think it took the physicists' mutating subatomic particles from all those fallout clouds drifting around the world from mid 1950s nuclear testing , falling to the earth and into the Freudian minds of boomer teenagers in the form of the science fiction cum horror movies that really destroyed the third verity.

Man's split mind had in turn split the atom and the fallout drifting down worldwide indiscriminately over plant, animal and human alike had finally re-united humanity and all other lifeforms on an increasingly fragile seeming planet ...

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