Saturday, June 13, 2015

Galton, unlike God, was inordinately fond of Man ...

By contrast, God, as Galton's friend Thomas Huxley drily noted, was inordinately fond of beetles.

More accurately God seems to have an inordinate fondness for microbes - he introduced them at the very beginnings of life, created millions of species and gazillions of individuals and they remain in those numbers today, almost four billion years later.

Humanoids, by pointed contrast, came very late in God's scheme, almost as an afterthought, with only a few humble species that today have dwindled down to one only species with an unique approach to extinction.

Instead of external events (say a big asteroid smashing into the Earth) leading to our species' extinction, we're going to kill ourselves off - Evolution's first ever example of collective suicide.

Rather than gas, pills or rope we are currently deciding between nuclear bombs or human-created global warming as our way to end it all.

Is evolutionary success to be measured by a genetic urge to collective self-immolation, as the Progressives believe ---- or is it how many viable offspring that are produced and for how long ?

Is Man or bacteria to be the current benchmark for evolutionary success ?

Galton and God still seem divided on this point ....

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