Thursday, June 25, 2015

WWII's civilized Penicillin bat first, but natural bat last....

Rather like the war itself, actually.

In the beginning, German armoured battle groups, Japanese naval task forces and Allied heavy bomber raids were all supposed to speedily defeat time and space (& weather, etc).

Stride the globe effortlessly with mechanical feet, night and day, the year around --- modern middle class men commanding modern middle class (killing) machines.

No more need for millions of old fashioned cannon fodder recruits from the peasant and working class, limping about on shank's mare, dragging along bolt action rifles.

Didn't work out though, did it ?

(Insert here : Schweinfurt, Stalingrad, Guadalcanal.)

Far too much land and water to hold and re-supply, too much weather, too much snow and cold, too much heat and thirst.

Never enough food.

Logistics - the big bugbear of modern progressive advanced war - is just a complicated way to say "Mother Nature always bats last"....

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