Friday, June 5, 2015

The race to produce D-Day's penicillin was WWII's only real 'Clash of Cultures'

If Fred Bridgham had to survive off of writing about WWII's "Clash of Cultures", the poor bugger would quickly starve to death.

There simply wasn't any - not at the nation to nation level anyway.

And don't talk to me of Hitler and Stalin - the two admired each other as much as they hated each other - they understood each other.

Instead WWII's real ideological clash occurred almost as 'noises off' - buried within the little known race to produce D-Day's penicillin.

Would it be "The Smartest Chemists in the Universe", assembled in dozens of Allied labs and swaddled in money and resources, convinced that as a result synthetic penicillin would now be a piece of cake ?

Or would it be crude natural penicillin made by the despised basement Slime - old and slow and small and dumb ?

We did mention 'dumb', didn't we ?

If PROGRESS (all bow) meant anything at all, it certainly meant that university-educated Man could create better, cheaper, faster penicillin than the Slime ever could.

(For 'slime' , feel free to substitute Negro, Oriental, Homosexual, Woman, Unfit, etc.)

Except Man couldn't (and still hasn't !) - and from then on the Path of Progress, as the doctors say, took an irreversible downhill course......

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