Saturday, June 13, 2015

The inevitable dislike of science theorists for naturalists

A compelling scientific theory cum law is simple and consistent : all carbon atoms throughout the universe have six - and six only, no more or less - protons.

But in reality, there are very few science theories or laws that are that simple and consistent.

Exceptions always abound and become a nightmare for science theorists - their brain structure is not set up to easily handle uncertainties and probable possibilities and unknowabilities.

(I include experimentalists among the theorists because experiments are specifically designed to greatly simplify the reality found outside the laboratory --- many sciences have fierce internal conflicts between those big on lab work versus those pro field work.)

Theorists' brain = Conservatives' brain is a good rule of thumb (again, only a probability, not a dead certainty.)

If theorists make a living, win fame and fortune, by creating laws that simplify reality, naturalists do the exact reverse.

They win special fame and fortune by discovering the single one species in a vast genus that does not reproduce sexually.

Exceptions to the rule are their coin of fortune -- they seek out and see things that most of the rest of us either don't see or don't want to see.

Henry Dawson was a naturalist ---- but the kings of the science world, back in 1940 as today, were the theorists , the terrible simplifiers.

Wartime Penicillin, the conflict-driven drama between naturalists and progress-oriented theorists, was thus born to happen.....

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