Thursday, January 15, 2015

Deniers : Triumph of the Will (over the weather)

Hard to imagine - looking over the current crop of harmful climate change deniers - that they are all neo-Idealist determinists.

Most look like they have barely ever seen the inside of a book, let alone a university philosophy class.

But then like the characters in Moliere's play who suddenly discovered they'd been speaking "Prose" all their life, we needn't pass formal academic philosophy courses to be allowed to fitfully espouse a distinct philosophical point of view.

And so it proves so with our deniers cum hubrists : for they don't really deny the possible of harmful human actions.

Merely they deny that we can't fix any problems we might create, quickly, easily and cheaply : like Superman.

Mind, to them, will always master over mere Matter.

Hitler and Einstein, in fact all educated Germans from about 1830 to 1980 , were this sort of Idealist --- it being breed into the very bones of German high school and university education for a century and a half.

Only the working class Germans missed its full baneful effects - getting it only watered down second hand , via tons of popular German culture.

Leni Riefenstahl's popular mountain climbing film epics for example - possibly far more influential internally than her rather better known overt propaganda film , The Triumph of the Will ...

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