Friday, January 2, 2015

Manhattan's janus children, transitional era boomers born 1940-1956

I am a member of the transitional era boomer generation (born 1940-1956) : we historical few who experienced both the waning of modernity and the dawning of postmodernity during our crucial - plastic - formative years.

Very few of us were born in Manhattan (very few people ever are) but we were all Manhattan's janus children in a very real sense : the healthiest and most frightened generation of children ever born.

Because we all knew that if the MANHATTAN  nuclear PROJECT didn't kill us from instant global death then the MANHATTAN penicillin PROJECT would likely ensure we'd live out our allotted three score and ten or more.

Everyone alive after 1945's janus-like delivery of atomic bombs and penicillin shots is in some sense Janus Manhattan's children - because we all have had our lives potentially lengthened and shortened by those twin warring developments from Columbia University's campuses in 1940s Gotham.

So to say we have absolutely no interest in this subject, is really to say that we have no interest in where we came from - or where we are going ...

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