Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have here in my hand a list of names : rogue Boomers who deny climate change

I don't - yet - have 205 or 81 or 57 names or whatever alcohol-induced fantasy number Senator Joe came up with in the end.

But I'm working on it.

First, definitions.

The Baby Boom wasn't really a boom in babies conceived , taking the long view.

Rather it was a 25 year long interregnum (a blip upwards) in the one hundred and fifty year long slow slide downwards in the number of live births among families in the westernized world.

Starting generally around 1941 and continuing generally till 1966, the number of live births in the West edged upwards from its nadir of the Great Depression decade, before settling down once again to Great Depression levels or less.

In social science terms, harmful human climate change deniers/skeptics/hubrists aren't exactly hard to define (or to find) : they come right out and freely admit to their disbelief.

Traditionally, we denier watchers have tended to focus on the most strident ones and I now believe this to be wrong.

They are the most strident because (a) they are either very old, know they are dying and out of office or (b) they are very young and not yet in office.

But the ones with all the actual power to do things and not just to complain about things are the Boomer deniers.

They will be running our world - in terms of both formal politics and informal wealth and cultural influence - right up to the global melt down tipping point.

Just for example : Mitt Romney and prime ministers Harper, Abbott, Key and Cameron.

All leaders of the Anglo Saxon cum free world,  all Boomers and all very weak on stopping harmful climate change.

I'm making a list of powerful Boomers, checking it twice trying to find out ,on the issue of the climate, who has been naughty and who has been nice.

And I will post the names of naughty little boomer kids permanently on the side column of this blog ....

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